Introductory Post, Anyone?

Well, hello there!

This post is, as the title suggests, an introduction to my new site. So, away with the background information before I simply start posting/uploading, etc. My initial idea for my newest blog was narrowly what I invented to be called “LiteraryCriChic,” i.e., using some of my favorite old and new reads to inspire outfits. I’ve decided to widen my scope, but my first legitimate post will be just that. The name of the site was in fact coined by someone quite dear to me, and that attitude is precisely my driving force from this point.

For info on who I am and what it is I’m doing, refer to “About Me,” because that’s why it’s there in the first place(common sense is fun, don’t you think?) and stay tuned. Until next time(which will in fact be quite soon), farewell and so long.


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