crocodiles and bibliophiles

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So, I have my happy and greedy paws on a new book(finally) so I am perfectly pleased and content, for the most part.

While not far enough in to have any particular judgments, I can say two things: I have long been awaiting my copy of Katherine Pancol‘s Les Yeux Jaunes des Crocodiles (The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles, for the less french-keen) for a sizable chunk of time, and I am quite taken already with the blurb on the back because I am easily charmed apparently.

It’s juuuust cheesy and try-hard enough for me to like it, and like it I most certainly do.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.25.57 PMOh, yes, I’m already very enthused. Easily taken in though I may seem, I will reserve any and all real assessments until I’ve actually read the book, because being amused by a back cover and appreciating a book are two very different things. I am just very happy to have my hands on it and be back to reading, because much as I enjoy occasionally marathon-watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I am a reader at heart and having to sit and watch television until my foot heals was too daunting a prospect.



The Fault In Our Stars trailer has arrived

Hello again.

So, I’m thoroughly and terribly exhausted. Making my way through the snow on crutches to go to work has just drained every last ounce of energy, and I’m about moments away from falling asleep on the couch like a darling little old person.

Anyway, today ALSO included the release of the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars, which made me as borderline-weepy as one might expect.

Not crying felt like a victory in and of itself, because I am a weeper if ever there was one. I was kind of terrified of seeing the trailer because, despite peaks on set courtesy of John Green, I am always kind of reluctant to watch a movie after falling in love with the book. I will always(I mean always) be loyal to the book, and while I appreciate that what works on the page is not always suitable to the screen, I am often disappointed. There are the exceptions, of course(Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, To Kill a Mockingbird— yes I had to include it, because Gregory Peck is/was perfection personified) but then there are the awful letdowns, which shall remain nameless, which even if decent on their own, just fail to live up to the book. But this trailer has assuaged a lot of my fears, so we’ll see what happens.

Until Tomorrow.

~~if you have a preference, do you tend to lean towards book or movie? I’m curious to know.

So, today marks the point at which I must figure out pant-options conducive to crutch-hobbling(is that what you call it? who knows). I have gone through the work-appropriate options(because let’s be real, my closet consists primarily of statement pieces rather than tame work staples) that cooperate with crutches(skirts are not an option, if that weren’t obvious. Can’t be flashing everyone at the office) so I’m just going to wear leather leggings because I refuse to trip over my pants for the sake of employment. That said, I still need to make them work-appropriate, and since I can’t stand and take a picture for obvious reasons, behold the composite for tomorrow’s outfit inspiration:


(I included the Helmut Lang leather leggings I want, and the Topshop iteration because I am nothing if not a broke post-grad at the moment, so you better believe I went with the mall option for the time being. Sue me.)

(I will *also* add that the wedges are optimism on my part and there’s a very strong chance I’ll succumb to flats)

See you tomorrow, and let’s hope I get away with my “work outfit” of choice

So, today’s post will be a rather brief one, but if like me you are feeling less than stellar, this might make you feel a smidge better.

I’m sure if you’ve ever had a cold you’ve promptly been nagged to “drink lots of orange juice,” and while I don’t necessarily buy into that, fresh-squeezed orange juice is something I love in general, so why not?

Anyway, insanely long sentences aside, I subsist on warm beverages when I’m sick/miserable/all of the above, so here’s the (super simple) recipe for my pick-me-up drink of choice(aside from tea):

Orange spice(forgive the less-than-stellar picture)

  • Juice from 1 orange(I know you might want to cop out and use boxed, but it’s so full of added sugar and bunk that it accomplishes hardly anything)
  • Two curls of orange zest
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • pinch of nutmeg
  • pinch of cloves
  • 1 tsp honey

Now just throw it all into a small pot and let simmer for 5-10 minutes, and pour into a nice mug and enjoy. Feel better!

(If you’re feeling especially blah, I like to draw a bath while I let it simmer, then drink while in the tub)




It’s the end of the week, and that means the conclusion of my thoughts this week.

Well, “thoughts,” or lamentations and attempts to figure out how to sit with my foot propped up without being uncomfortable(answer: you can’t. I have tried weird knee-bending multi-pillow arrangements, and it’s just not working).

Also, I’m nearly done with the series and it invites so much attitudinal play-by-play, but I am refraining like a decent person. Or something like that.

It’s actually not a bad show by any means, but you know, marathon-watching the entire series in a matter of days is not the intended method of consumption. But I’m on the LAST EPISODE(Exciting I know) and now I’m mildly disappointed to be done considering there will be nothing after this. If you’re exception bored, you can read about the series here. They speak very highly of the female lead, as is pretty justified if you ask me. Anyway, I shall leave you to conclude my obsessive watching.

See ya Monday.


On reaching new levels of nerdiness

So, on goes the television watching while I recuperate, or you know, whatever you call keeping my foot propped up until I follow-up with the doctor.

So, broke the obsessive-Egyptian-drama streak(thank God, because the alarming amount of crimped hair was really getting to me. What justification can there possibly be for THAT MUCH crimped hair? None.)

So, reruns of The Office it is, because not watching a show and not watching television or two wholly separate things for me, and I need some consolation in the interim, and who better than Michael Scott? Answer: No one. So that’s that.

Sadly, the more I watch, the more I start to have weird, “could only happen in my mind” thoughts like, “I never realized how much Jim reminds me of Henry Tilney in Northanger Abbey.

I’d like to think it’s not just me, but it definitely is.

Well, I’m done pontificating, or whatever this was, for now. You’ll have to forgive my strangeness this week. Hopefully soon I will be doing more with my life and time than marathon-watching television.

‘Till then.

On obsessive consumption

So, today the office was closed because we’re inundated with snow, which works out pretty conveniently for me considering crutches, blizzards, and my ice-covered driveway are just not a trio that bode well for me. I hurt myself already, why throw ice into that equation?

ANYWAY. While I usually relish a quiet opportunity by myself to read as I please, I have recently fallen into the rabbithole that is watching a new TV show.

For those who do not know me, I should disclose that I have a…tendency to watch/read nonstop for hours and sometimes days on end. I have a touch of insomnia(that sounds nicer than saying “I don’t sleep,” right?). So because carrying a book around on crutches seemed like a less-than-stellar idea, I started watching an Egyptian drama, because that’s a thing people do, right? No? Just me?

Not even me, if we’re being honest. I watch one every five years. Okay, maybe three if it sounds reasonable-ish. But the combination of being home in the daytime, all the episodes being posted online, and reading enough reviews clearly got to me, because one day in and I’ve watched 10 episodes. Which is…sad, really.

Socks, socks, socks

Bonus points if your mind read that to the tune of LMFAO’s “Shots.”


Judge me for referencing terrible songs, it’s fine. Anyway, on to the post!

So, socks, why socks of all things you ask? Well, as I may have mentioned, I hurt myself in typical clumsy fashion, and am now relegated to wearing one of those less-than-chic medical booties for the time being. Still not sure exactly what’s wrong, but time will tell(hopefully).

Anyway, in what seems to be an ongoing “feeling unwell and using clothes as as consolation” series, today I present you with cute socks to make bearable my new mandatory footwear.



Dorothy Perkins Lace Top Trainer Socks

Ralph Lauren  Argyle Trouser Socks

Marni Runway Sock

River Island Black Stars and Stripes Socks- these are men’s socks, but I observe no rules(in my dreams)

Paul Smith Pink Houndstooth Odd Socks

Jack Wills Greenbank Stripe Sock

The Elder Statesman Thick Stripe Socks

So, there you have it. I almost contemplated decorating the straps of the bootie, but that seemed a little insane(if very reminiscent of Claire Huxtable, which is always a good thing)

Until tomorrow




Well hello there.


Happy MLK day, first off. I don’t know that it’s an especially “celebratory” kind of holiday, but rather one of recognition for the remarkable work and vision of Dr. King.

That being said, it seems kind of odd to be posting about something trivial on a day like this. Which is not to say I find Monday’s vertical trivial, but rather that most thing seem trivial when considered in light of the contributions of Dr. King and the hard-fought struggle for civil rights. Chiming in with my preferred cookie recipe(fantastic as it may be) would seem like a weird thing to do today of all days, so I will post about something having to do with today’s theme another day.


That being said, I hope you take this moment to consider that there has been so much progress, but there is still so much progress to be made in our world and society. On that note, I leave you.

End of the week

So now that I’ve properly propped up and elevated my swollen foot(TMI, I know) and master my half-hobble half-hop, it is right about time for me to wrap up this week’s posts. Enthralling, I know.


So, in this week I’ve gone to work, baked chocolate cookies, broken a toe, and pored over the more gorgeous cars at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. I am nothing if not a sucker for shiny, glorious new cars, or more often than not, slight improvements on old cars.

That being said, the 2014 Porsche 911 Targa and 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 have effectively won my hearts, as they should. And of course the 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe, because I am nothing if not a Cadillac fangirl. It was going to come out one way or the other, so full disclosure seems like the most straightforward option. I love a GM car, and I especially love a Caddy like no other.

When I think about my undying love for Cadillacs, my mind inevitably flashes back to the scene in Donnie Brasco when they argue about the merits of a Caddy versus a Lincoln. If you haven’t seen it, first off, my soul just died a little, and secondly, here you go:



as a side note, this guy’s comment on the video wins my heart, in spite of his username


yeah, it’s apparently really easy to win my heart, so that’s…something.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend, until Monday, I bid you farewell