New Year tropes galore!


I feel like it’s nauseatingly trite to restart the blog right around the new year, but so be it. I also harbor an alarmingly large soft spot for hair metal. You learn to live with these things.


It’s officially 2014, despite my tendency to continue dating things as 2013. Perhaps this suggests some reluctance to move forward, but seeing as this has been a problem since elementary school for me, I’d like to think otherwise. Spend enough time reading critical theory and you’ll find yourself keen to over-analyze.

In any case, I will actually be putting my energy and efforts into the blog henceforth. I am loath to call it a New Year’s Resolution or anything of the sort, as I’ve never been one for making a list of self-improvements or goals to herald in the new year. That’s not to say I’m averse to self-improvement(or lists. I am nothing short of a prolific list-maker), there is just something too banal about making January the official start of the “new you.” Never too late, or too early, to start something new or fix something old. (How’s that for a self-help quote?)

But as it stands, I’ll be posting again, and I’ll find a direction for the blog if it’s the last thing I do. Cheers.



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