Happy Monday

Despite my general Garfield-like personality, I find as time goes on and I get older, my hatred for Mondays steadily decreases. While I may personally think that Sunday marks start the of the week, Monday seems an apt day to establish my plan going forward.

So, establish I shall.

Here’s the drill: with the exception of unforeseen circumstances, I will post every weekday. For each day, I have a general umbrella of topics/themes, which are as follow:

Monday will be reserved for things that can be made, which is to say food, crafts, etc.

Tuesday will serve to indulge my vanity and cater to fashion, beauty, and things aesthetic in nature.

Wednesday will be devoted to books, music, television, etc, with the rare deviance.

Thursday will be the topic which I feel especially keen to write about that given week. (Insert some cheesy variant of “Variety is the spice of life” or some such saying)

Friday will be my conclusion to the week and general thoughts.

So, off we go! Adjustments may be made in the future, but for now, let’s enjoy the test-drive.





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