Not-so-happy Tuesday

I’m sick.

There you have it, plain and simple. I am that disgusting, sneezy, sniffly, clammy variety of sick that for me always spirals into “dazed, surrounded by tea and tissues, coughing, dragging myself across the floor wearing a throw as a shawl.”

But, life doesn’t always afford you the time to wander around in a sick daze. Not to mention, it’s certainly not going to help your attitude.


So, in keeping with today’s theme, here is a round-up of sweatshirts to wear when you’re sick and need cheering up.

So, I am not really one to wear sweats outside my house, but there is the occasional exception. I am a sucker for an embellished sweatshirt or a graphic tee/sweatshirt. So behold some of my favorites:



Glen Coco Sweatshirt 

Mickey Mouse Sweater

Ramones Sweatshirt

Vans Starry Sweatshirt

Burberry Brit Taxi Sweater

Lipstick Sweatshirt

Conleys Sweatshirt

Dorothy Perkins Bow Sweatshirt

Rose Sweatshirt


One last note before I finish drinking my weight in tea and honey: have we beaten the Mean Girls obsession into a bloody pulp yet? Yeah, I thought so. Still love the sweatshirt though, because I have little to no shame. Until tomorrow, farewell


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