So Wednesday is upon us, and after heading home from work and eating pizza because New Year’s diet resolutions are definitely not a thing for me, I am happily seated on the couch watching American Horror Story. Okay, not so happily, because this week is an exceptionally gruesome one, and I am just a smidge squeamish.

Okay, more than a smidge. I do the whole “cover your eyes then peek like a first-grader” move. Good thing I love an oversized cardigan like no other and it’s easy to hide one eye in my sweater while watching with the other. How’s that for a cardigan selling point?

But dear God is this week’s episode cringe-inducing for me in a good/bad way. I have no intention of dissecting it(partly because I am griping while I watch it right now) but watching the show always makes me feel the slightest bit juvenile because I can never stomach it. Which is odd, since I watch Criminal Minds, and that is nothing if not trauma-inducing at times. (It doesn’t help that I’m inherently paranoid. Which sounds worse, paranoid or cowardly? Well, choose the lesser of the two in your mind. That’s me.)

On a lighter note, their outfits are just so on-point. Cordelia’s gorgeously elaborate skirt just makes my soul sing. The wardrobe alone justifies the copious amounts of blood that are arguably essential but still make me squirm like a little girl.


*ETA: if I thought I was being shallow, Myrtle just sang the praises of the incomparable Diane von Furstenberg, so clearly, I am in good company*




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