Well hello there.


Happy MLK day, first off. I don’t know that it’s an especially “celebratory” kind of holiday, but rather one of recognition for the remarkable work and vision of Dr. King.

That being said, it seems kind of odd to be posting about something trivial on a day like this. Which is not to say I find Monday’s vertical trivial, but rather that most thing seem trivial when considered in light of the contributions of Dr. King and the hard-fought struggle for civil rights. Chiming in with my preferred cookie recipe(fantastic as it may be) would seem like a weird thing to do today of all days, so I will post about something having to do with today’s theme another day.


That being said, I hope you take this moment to consider that there has been so much progress, but there is still so much progress to be made in our world and society. On that note, I leave you.


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