On obsessive consumption

So, today the office was closed because we’re inundated with snow, which works out pretty conveniently for me considering crutches, blizzards, and my ice-covered driveway are just not a trio that bode well for me. I hurt myself already, why throw ice into that equation?

ANYWAY. While I usually relish a quiet opportunity by myself to read as I please, I have recently fallen into the rabbithole that is watching a new TV show.

For those who do not know me, I should disclose that I have a…tendency to watch/read nonstop for hours and sometimes days on end. I have a touch of insomnia(that sounds nicer than saying “I don’t sleep,” right?). So because carrying a book around on crutches seemed like a less-than-stellar idea, I started watching an Egyptian drama, because that’s a thing people do, right? No? Just me?

Not even me, if we’re being honest. I watch one every five years. Okay, maybe three if it sounds reasonable-ish. But the combination of being home in the daytime, all the episodes being posted online, and reading enough reviews clearly got to me, because one day in and I’ve watched 10 episodes. Which is…sad, really.


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