On reaching new levels of nerdiness

So, on goes the television watching while I recuperate, or you know, whatever you call keeping my foot propped up until I follow-up with the doctor.

So, broke the obsessive-Egyptian-drama streak(thank God, because the alarming amount of crimped hair was really getting to me. What justification can there possibly be for THAT MUCH crimped hair? None.)

So, reruns of The Office it is, because not watching a show and not watching television or two wholly separate things for me, and I need some consolation in the interim, and who better than Michael Scott? Answer: No one. So that’s that.

Sadly, the more I watch, the more I start to have weird, “could only happen in my mind” thoughts like, “I never realized how much Jim reminds me of Henry Tilney in Northanger Abbey.

I’d like to think it’s not just me, but it definitely is.

Well, I’m done pontificating, or whatever this was, for now. You’ll have to forgive my strangeness this week. Hopefully soon I will be doing more with my life and time than marathon-watching television.

‘Till then.


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