It’s the end of the week, and that means the conclusion of my thoughts this week.

Well, “thoughts,” or lamentations and attempts to figure out how to sit with my foot propped up without being uncomfortable(answer: you can’t. I have tried weird knee-bending multi-pillow arrangements, and it’s just not working).

Also, I’m nearly done with the series and it invites so much attitudinal play-by-play, but I am refraining like a decent person. Or something like that.

It’s actually not a bad show by any means, but you know, marathon-watching the entire series in a matter of days is not the intended method of consumption. But I’m on the LAST EPISODE(Exciting I know) and now I’m mildly disappointed to be done considering there will be nothing after this. If you’re exception bored, you can read about the series here. They speak very highly of the female lead, as is pretty justified if you ask me. Anyway, I shall leave you to conclude my obsessive watching.

See ya Monday.



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