So, today marks the point at which I must figure out pant-options conducive to crutch-hobbling(is that what you call it? who knows). I have gone through the work-appropriate options(because let’s be real, my closet consists primarily of statement pieces rather than tame work staples) that cooperate with crutches(skirts are not an option, if that weren’t obvious. Can’t be flashing everyone at the office) so I’m just going to wear leather leggings because I refuse to trip over my pants for the sake of employment. That said, I still need to make them work-appropriate, and since I can’t stand and take a picture for obvious reasons, behold the composite for tomorrow’s outfit inspiration:


(I included the Helmut Lang leather leggings I want, and the Topshop iteration because I am nothing if not a broke post-grad at the moment, so you better believe I went with the mall option for the time being. Sue me.)

(I will *also* add that the wedges are optimism on my part and there’s a very strong chance I’ll succumb to flats)

See you tomorrow, and let’s hope I get away with my “work outfit” of choice


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