Cats and Reverse Cat Eyes

TGIF, ready for the weekend, yada yada. This week’s uneventful Friday has consisted of digesting tweets from Fashion Week and late-night viewings of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, because I am AWESOME, obviously. Injuries, and general ennui, have a way of putting a damper on one’s social life. I have learned that reverse cat eyes are not my thing. At all. Also, yes, I just openly admitted to watching reruns of Sabrina, because if it weren’t already overwhelmingly obvious, I have no real dignity these days.

In fact, I get weirdly reminiscent and nostalgic when I see the kitchen(i.e. the set) of Sabrina’s house pre-college and work days, because watching Sabrina, and then watching the reruns, featured prominently in my childhood. These days, I’m not really sure why I loved it as passionately as I did, but now it’s just a big helping of nostalgia. Oh, and my raging crush on Harvey back in the day didn’t hurt.

Funnily enough, rewatching it now yields so many familiar faces. Today’s sad rerun is Cat Showdown, in which Sabrina enters Salem (her cat, for those with dignity) into a cat show judged by none other than Dann Florek (or, in my mind, Captain Cragen from Law and Order: SVU) wearing a terrible toupee and featuring Carl Banks (the villain from Billboard Dad. Now I really feel old).

This is almost as sad as when I watched a season of Boy Meets World instead of sleeping.


See you Monday.


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