Today’s is a food-related but rather recipe-free post (once I get off crutches there will be proper food I promise).

Actually, it’s (nonalcoholic)drink-related, really. If it weren’t already overwhelmingly obvious, I love beverages. I once mde the mistake of referring to my “constant drinking” without remembering the connotations. It was an uncomfortable silence that followed, to say the least. Point being, I am perpetually thirsty. Second point? I don’t drink soda, and haven’t for ages, except for the occasional cheat-ginger-ale(I love ginger ale, so sue me). So, my beverages of choice tend to be some variant of iced tea because, while I’ve been on a water-drinking kick for a month or two, I actually hate water.

(For all those people who claim water has no taste and thus cannot be unappealing: FALSE. Water has a distinct taste(s), albeit a rather dull one, and I am not a fan. I force myself to continually imbibe, but enjoy is a whole other story).

ON TO THE POINT. Even in winter, I love a good iced tea, so let me just momentarily sing the praises of hibiscus, which supposedly has all manner of health benefits, but far more importantly, is both delicious and rather beautiful to behold.

Just ever so slightly fruity and tart, it matches tamarind and green tea in my “favorite drink” category, along with the childhood standby of lemonade. So that is my recommendation for the day. I personally brew a potful at a time, and then chill in a large pitcher to drink when and how I please. 



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