All The Single Ladies(And Men)(And Everyone)

So, Valentine’s Day is upon us, which I actually semi-forgot because I’m not exactly out-and-about, what with the foot. In fact, the reminder came from none other than my supervisor (not nearly as dubious as it sounds, I promise). Since I am the polar opposite of a Valentine’s enthusiast (sorry), rather than have a cheesy “Valentine Gifts” or similar , pink and red, love-themed post, I am going to give you my favorite distinctly un-Valentine items because I’m a rebel like that.


I’ll admit the last isn’t my style, but I nonetheless have a soft spot for trivial humor.

Forever21 #Single Tank

Dimepiece Ain’t No Wifey Beanie

Beyonce-inspired Flawless Crop Top

Single/Taken/I’m Awesome Tank

So, go forth and display your indifference to the world (although consciously wearing any of these on Valentine’s Day might not scream indifference. But then, you just don’t care, so outside judgment doesn’t matter, right?


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