I put my foot on the ground today, so how’s that for progress? Hold your applause, please.

Needless to say, I am in a far better mood than usual, what with the pseudo-progress and a rerun of Psych after work. (I sound eighty, not twenty-one. Goodness). Well, that’s what kind of day it is– I’m watching old episodes of Psych, brainstorming recipes for “cinnamon pie,” and getting ready to send out my “Love Letters” for DoSomething. A fan of Valentine’s Day I am not, but a decent person I try to be. Why not brighten up someone’s day, after all? Depression and isolation are a serious problem, and especially for people over 65.

So, that’s my spiel for today, take it as you will.

Really, though, cinnamon pie, man. I need to come up with a recipe for that, because if Shawn and Gus can eat that many slices, it must be delicious, and because it sounds like a fun thing to make. I love pie, obviously. People who don’t like pie astound me, quite frankly. Will report back with imagined recipe and photos once I’m genuinely back on my feet.


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