So, are we doing this?

Monday is my “things you can make/do” day, so here’s a philosophical-ish twist on it for this week.

Despite my general life policy of trying to avoid cheesiness, cliches, and the off-putting version of chipper (as opposed to the genuinely happy variety. Trust me, there are different types.) I have decided to embark on the 100 Happy Days Project because all that I can really risk is having a down day. As a caveat, I will point out that I am not going to attempt being happy all ay every day for the 100 days because that is as unlikely as it is unreasonable. Instead, I will try to find at least one happy thing for each day during the project, and hopefully, after it as well.

So, without further ado, today’s happiness-inducing thing:

My foot is doing much better, and simple as that may be, it has made me very happy. Most of us rarely take into account the immense difficulty caused by simple everyday tasks when you’re unable to walk, and I know I certainly take those things for granted far more than I should. Not to get all preach-y or cheesy, but it really is remarkable how oblivious we are to all the advantages we have in life and how remarkable everyday things are until everything is briefly put into perspective.

Happy President’s Day, on that weird note.



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