I put my foot on the ground today, so how’s that for progress? Hold your applause, please.

Needless to say, I am in a far better mood than usual, what with the pseudo-progress and a rerun of Psych after work. (I sound eighty, not twenty-one. Goodness). Well, that’s what kind of day it is– I’m watching old episodes of Psych, brainstorming recipes for “cinnamon pie,” and getting ready to send out my “Love Letters” for DoSomething. A fan of Valentine’s Day I am not, but a decent person I try to be. Why not brighten up someone’s day, after all? Depression and isolation are a serious problem, and especially for people over 65.

So, that’s my spiel for today, take it as you will.

Really, though, cinnamon pie, man. I need to come up with a recipe for that, because if Shawn and Gus can eat that many slices, it must be delicious, and because it sounds like a fun thing to make. I love pie, obviously. People who don’t like pie astound me, quite frankly. Will report back with imagined recipe and photos once I’m genuinely back on my feet.


All The Single Ladies(And Men)(And Everyone)

So, Valentine’s Day is upon us, which I actually semi-forgot because I’m not exactly out-and-about, what with the foot. In fact, the reminder came from none other than my supervisor (not nearly as dubious as it sounds, I promise). Since I am the polar opposite of a Valentine’s enthusiast (sorry), rather than have a cheesy “Valentine Gifts” or similar , pink and red, love-themed post, I am going to give you my favorite distinctly un-Valentine items because I’m a rebel like that.


I’ll admit the last isn’t my style, but I nonetheless have a soft spot for trivial humor.

Forever21 #Single Tank

Dimepiece Ain’t No Wifey Beanie

Beyonce-inspired Flawless Crop Top

Single/Taken/I’m Awesome Tank

So, go forth and display your indifference to the world (although consciously wearing any of these on Valentine’s Day might not scream indifference. But then, you just don’t care, so outside judgment doesn’t matter, right?


Today’s is a food-related but rather recipe-free post (once I get off crutches there will be proper food I promise).

Actually, it’s (nonalcoholic)drink-related, really. If it weren’t already overwhelmingly obvious, I love beverages. I once mde the mistake of referring to my “constant drinking” without remembering the connotations. It was an uncomfortable silence that followed, to say the least. Point being, I am perpetually thirsty. Second point? I don’t drink soda, and haven’t for ages, except for the occasional cheat-ginger-ale(I love ginger ale, so sue me). So, my beverages of choice tend to be some variant of iced tea because, while I’ve been on a water-drinking kick for a month or two, I actually hate water.

(For all those people who claim water has no taste and thus cannot be unappealing: FALSE. Water has a distinct taste(s), albeit a rather dull one, and I am not a fan. I force myself to continually imbibe, but enjoy is a whole other story).

ON TO THE POINT. Even in winter, I love a good iced tea, so let me just momentarily sing the praises of hibiscus, which supposedly has all manner of health benefits, but far more importantly, is both delicious and rather beautiful to behold.

Just ever so slightly fruity and tart, it matches tamarind and green tea in my “favorite drink” category, along with the childhood standby of lemonade. So that is my recommendation for the day. I personally brew a potful at a time, and then chill in a large pitcher to drink when and how I please. 


Cats and Reverse Cat Eyes

TGIF, ready for the weekend, yada yada. This week’s uneventful Friday has consisted of digesting tweets from Fashion Week and late-night viewings of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, because I am AWESOME, obviously. Injuries, and general ennui, have a way of putting a damper on one’s social life. I have learned that reverse cat eyes are not my thing. At all. Also, yes, I just openly admitted to watching reruns of Sabrina, because if it weren’t already overwhelmingly obvious, I have no real dignity these days.

In fact, I get weirdly reminiscent and nostalgic when I see the kitchen(i.e. the set) of Sabrina’s house pre-college and work days, because watching Sabrina, and then watching the reruns, featured prominently in my childhood. These days, I’m not really sure why I loved it as passionately as I did, but now it’s just a big helping of nostalgia. Oh, and my raging crush on Harvey back in the day didn’t hurt.

Funnily enough, rewatching it now yields so many familiar faces. Today’s sad rerun is Cat Showdown, in which Sabrina enters Salem (her cat, for those with dignity) into a cat show judged by none other than Dann Florek (or, in my mind, Captain Cragen from Law and Order: SVU) wearing a terrible toupee and featuring Carl Banks (the villain from Billboard Dad. Now I really feel old).

This is almost as sad as when I watched a season of Boy Meets World instead of sleeping.


See you Monday.

So, another day, another post. But it’s not just any day, it’s the first day of New York Fashion Week, and while I’ll be spending it on y couch with my propped up, my enthusiasm is still in full swing. So, I will be spending my time trolling fashion blogs and magazines alike, living vicariously through them, with breaks to watch and rewatch Under The Gunn, because I love Tim Gunn more than words can express. I just want him to be my best friend. Is that so much to ask? Probably, but you know, wishful thinking.

(is it a bad sign that I’m now contemplating how much I want to make a Tim Gunn t-shirt/sweatshirt to just wear around like the wacko I so clearly am?)

Well, then, I shall obsess as my inner fangirl would have. Until tomorrow






So, my apologies for not posting yesterday, suffice it to say I fell on my injured foot and knee and the results were not pretty. Snow, man, it causes so many problems.

Anyway, apologies aside, today was better in that it thankfully involved no falling(yet).

A large portion of the night has been dedicated to watching more television than I care to admit, but I will be the first to admit that after falling and then going to work, I am keen to distract myself with a little Psych. Tonight was hilariously endearing no less, so I’m all well and pleased. Yes, I realize this post is both brief and trivial, but it’s that kind of day and I just want to nurse my wounds s it were.


Until tomorrow.

Blizzards and beverages

It is an exceptionally snowy day this fine Monday, and with snow comes the need for proper, delicious hot cocoa. Yes, I said “need,” because it is borderline necessity(for me).

With that, I present you with my deliciously indulgent(yes, that description makes me cringe) hot cocoa recipe of choice. I’m not talking unsweetened cocoa, delicious as it may be; I’m talking melted chocolate and whipping cream. If I could stand long enough to snap a picture of the backyard, you would appreciate that the weather forgives this kind of flat-out indulgence.

ANYWAY. Behold the recipe.

  • Either 10 oz of semisweet chocolate or the “giant” bar of Hershey’s milk chocolate(7-10 oz)
  • 3 cups milk
  • 1 cup of half-and-half or whipping cream
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • pinch chili powder
  • pinch espresso powder

You will note I give a fair amount of leeway because, like Burger King or Sinatra (there’s a combination no one has ever made), I want you to have it your way. OR something along those lines, anyway.

  1. Heat the milk in a saucepan until scalding, then add cinnamon, chili powder, and espresso powder. Stir and let the flavors come together on medium heat for 8 minutes, give or take. Take out the cinnamon stick.
  2. Chop your chocolate into small chunks, and add to the milk, whisking chocolate in until it’s mixed and the milk starts to be nice and frothy.
  3. Add half-and-half, or if using whipping cream, whip until it forms peaks, and fold into the your cocoa. Reserve some of the whipped cream to spoon onto the top of your finished drink.
  4. Watch the snow fall from the comfort of your kitchen with your amazing and joy-inducing cocoa.

crocodiles and bibliophiles

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.22.19 PM

So, I have my happy and greedy paws on a new book(finally) so I am perfectly pleased and content, for the most part.

While not far enough in to have any particular judgments, I can say two things: I have long been awaiting my copy of Katherine Pancol‘s Les Yeux Jaunes des Crocodiles (The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles, for the less french-keen) for a sizable chunk of time, and I am quite taken already with the blurb on the back because I am easily charmed apparently.

It’s juuuust cheesy and try-hard enough for me to like it, and like it I most certainly do.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.25.57 PMOh, yes, I’m already very enthused. Easily taken in though I may seem, I will reserve any and all real assessments until I’ve actually read the book, because being amused by a back cover and appreciating a book are two very different things. I am just very happy to have my hands on it and be back to reading, because much as I enjoy occasionally marathon-watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I am a reader at heart and having to sit and watch television until my foot heals was too daunting a prospect.



The Fault In Our Stars trailer has arrived

Hello again.

So, I’m thoroughly and terribly exhausted. Making my way through the snow on crutches to go to work has just drained every last ounce of energy, and I’m about moments away from falling asleep on the couch like a darling little old person.

Anyway, today ALSO included the release of the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars, which made me as borderline-weepy as one might expect.

Not crying felt like a victory in and of itself, because I am a weeper if ever there was one. I was kind of terrified of seeing the trailer because, despite peaks on set courtesy of John Green, I am always kind of reluctant to watch a movie after falling in love with the book. I will always(I mean always) be loyal to the book, and while I appreciate that what works on the page is not always suitable to the screen, I am often disappointed. There are the exceptions, of course(Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, To Kill a Mockingbird— yes I had to include it, because Gregory Peck is/was perfection personified) but then there are the awful letdowns, which shall remain nameless, which even if decent on their own, just fail to live up to the book. But this trailer has assuaged a lot of my fears, so we’ll see what happens.

Until Tomorrow.

~~if you have a preference, do you tend to lean towards book or movie? I’m curious to know.


So, today marks the point at which I must figure out pant-options conducive to crutch-hobbling(is that what you call it? who knows). I have gone through the work-appropriate options(because let’s be real, my closet consists primarily of statement pieces rather than tame work staples) that cooperate with crutches(skirts are not an option, if that weren’t obvious. Can’t be flashing everyone at the office) so I’m just going to wear leather leggings because I refuse to trip over my pants for the sake of employment. That said, I still need to make them work-appropriate, and since I can’t stand and take a picture for obvious reasons, behold the composite for tomorrow’s outfit inspiration:


(I included the Helmut Lang leather leggings I want, and the Topshop iteration because I am nothing if not a broke post-grad at the moment, so you better believe I went with the mall option for the time being. Sue me.)

(I will *also* add that the wedges are optimism on my part and there’s a very strong chance I’ll succumb to flats)

See you tomorrow, and let’s hope I get away with my “work outfit” of choice